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The fondest farewell...

It is with a heavy heart that we announce our decision for REVERE to call it a day. After more than 15 years together, and as many lineup changes, we feel the time has come for us to focus on other musical projects.

We feel immensely proud of what we've achieved in more than 15 years together as a band, leaving behind two albums, a handful of EPs and a large collection of singles. This has also been done without any major support from a record label (although we must give shoutouts to Albino, Gift Of The Gab and V2). We were often asked why we were still together and the truth was that we just enjoyed writing and playing music together. We felt that what we were doing was a little bit different and exciting and enough of you agreed with us to keep us going. Thank you for that! Your support has meant everything to us!

We have been incredibly grateful for the support of people in the media, from Tom Robinson, Chris Hawkins and Steve Lamacq, as well as a handful of writers and bloggers who were always impressed enough to give us the time of day.

Behind the scenes, we especially want to thank Dave Jewerén Moore whose brilliant production skills and endless patience helped mould us into the band we eventually became. Also Ryan Pearce, whose visuals and music videos added further layers of meaning and excitement to our live shows. It is fitting that our last video, for Sonder, was also made by Ryan and is a video we are especially proud of.

We also want to give a personal thank you to everyone who has stepped into (and out of) the Revere lineup and all the various musicians and collaborators we've had the pleasure of playing with. At last count there have been well over 50 different people who can lay claim to having played in Revere at one point. Notably we want to thank Andrew Hawke and Jonathan Fletcher who were responsible for some of our best songs to date, and alsoAndrew Duffy (Happy birthday Duffy!) and James Edward Barker who were the first people to really drive the band forward both in music and ambition.

We've also collaborated with some wonderful artists, photographers and video directors in achieving our beautiful album covers so thank you, Mario, Anthony, Kat, Saul, Alex, Nick, Vanessa, Rory, Ben and Fiona amongst many others...

As well as this we want to say a massive thank you to everyone else who has ever stepped into our circle to offer up their help and expertise (Jason, Sam, Ben, Chris, Jake, Charlie). We've had the support of some wonderful people who devoted time and effort in trying to carry our ship over the mountain and we've appreciated it all immeasurably.

Finally we want to say a massive thank you to you, who have supported us through all these years. As fans of Revere you got us on the radio, you got us over to Europe and you even got us signed! Everything we've done has been with you in mind and you have kept us afloat with your boundless enthusiasm for new music. We've made some wonderful friends along the way and we count you all among them.

So here it is, our last ever video for our last song. Enjoy everyone...

See you again!


An eye-opening collaboration

With the aftershocks of the previous day's vote still reverberating across the UK, playing at the British Museum with 3 Syrian musicians as part of Refugee Week seemed the perfect way to show that we believe that everyone in every country has the right to live without fear or persecution.

Refugee Week is a national series of cultural events celebrating the contribution of refugees to the UK and raising awareness of why people seek sanctuary in other countries. For us, this meant taking to the stage with ney flute player Louai, qanun zither player Sannah, and singer Mohealdeen to perform a handful of reworked Revere tracks, a piece written by Louai, and a Syrian traditional song.


This show was a real eye opener - the way the ney flew high above the rest of the band in the cavernous space of the British Museum, the trickling, harp like timbre Sannah produced from the qanun, and Moheddin's beautiful, honest voice spiralling over the playout of What Am I If I'm Not Even Dust? These new sounds took songs we know well into exciting new territory. We are hoping to make a recording of this new insight into familiar tracks very soon - the alternate versions The Escape Artist and Last Bridge Standing both need to be heard.



A while back Stephen, Ellie and Nicholas made their film debut in the movie

Always the Present

directed and written by Oliver Guy-Watkins. The film is premiered this weekend (May 2 2015) at

St Albans Film Festival


Here is the trailer ...

Always In The Present Teaser Trailer


Hyde Hill Productions




The film deals with the social consequences experienced by a group of friends dealing with the recent suicide of a loved one. The scene that Revere appear in features the band performing two songs live -



What am I if I'm not even Dust

? - at a hotel party (see photos below). It was a great experience for us to get in front of the camera and appear alongside such talented actors ... even if we were just playing ourselves!

Oliver Guy-Watkins

was nominated for ‘best director’ at the Madrid International Film festival for his last short film

The End Of Lois Lane

and has worked on films such as

Edge of Tomorrow

(Tom Cruise) and


(Angelina Jolie)


Here are some stills:  

It's a wrap - Stephen with Oliver Guy-Watkins

It's a wrap - Stephen with Oliver Guy-Watkins

Ben Ashton - artist to watch - paints portrait of Stephen REVERE...

Recently our singer Stephen stopped by at the studio of artist

Ben Ashton

to view an oil portrait Ben had done of him. We think it's pretty incredible - see for yourself here:

The eagle-eyed of you will spot a second line drawing portrait of Stephen which Ben is currently working on, as well as an amazing portrait of the awesome producer / DJ

Maya Jane Coles

amongst the fascinating self-portraits and studies of

Fiona Garden

(more about her below). 

To spread some light on this we asked Ben a few questions as to how and why the painting came into being? This was his response: 

"I met Stephen through my wife, photographer Fiona Garden, who has been working on various projects with Revere including the video for '

A Road From a Flood

'.  Fi and I enjoy quite a symbiotic creative relationship, as we tend to collaborate on projects together.  While my work once focused on self-portraiture, largely due to my leading a somewhat solitary studio life, and later on works featuring Fiona and myself as we began our married life, now as Fiona's work involves a rotating cast of characters, musicians, artists and other creatives, their presence in our home studio and in our lives has naturally lead to their appearance in my work. Stephen seemed to be an ideal candidate for my latest series as he has a very recognisable style which I was immediately drawn to.

My current series focuses on emergent creatives, with a mind to capturing the building of momentum in their respective careers - the genesis of the idea arose when I worked with my long-time collaborator,

Princess Julia

, on a life-sized portrait of her for entry to the

2014 BP Portrait award

.  Julia has always been and continues to be a lightning rod for creatives, and an icon of London's characteristic eccentricity, and she inspired this desire to capture today's wave of creative talent as they emerge and take flight.

This series itself is part of a larger body of work that revolves around the notion of the Study as a final painting. I was struck by the idea that when the studied subject is removed from its surrounding context, it takes on a greater presence. This led to a simplification of my work, cutting out unnecessary parts in order to focus attention on what is really important. I started to paint on paper, perspex, linen and panel, painting the subject in the centre of the material, removing its initial context so the image can exist in its own right. 

Both Fi and I plan to collaborate on further projects with Revere in the future. We always enjoy chatting with Stephen about ideas for album art as he seems to appreciate eccentricity and embraces some of our more wacky concepts."

Stephen is more than a little honoured to have been captured in this way, and Ben, Fiona and Revere are currently chatting through ideas based around the bands upcoming EP. Exciting things are under way and you heard it here first! In the meantime we highly recommend you check out Ben's and Fiona's respective websites and watch this space for the latest updates as they happen...


We were invited by Velvet Music to play in some of their stores for Record Store Day and to promote the limited edition release of our new album on vinyl. It was an incredible day. We don't hide the fact that we love The Netherlands - we're all considering moving out there but we really need to work on the lingo as we're not going to get far with 'lekker', 'tot ziens', 'dankjewel' and ... 'je moeder'.

First stop: Velvet Music, Breda
We met Dylan and Ian at the first instore in Breda. They were the proud owners of our newly released clear vinyl edition of the album which until they showed it to us we'd not even seen ourselves!

Here we are performing outside the store. It was freezing!

Next stop: Velvet Music, Den Haag

Stephen: This is Ellie and I with Hank from our second show of the day in Den Haag (above). We were playing at his store and he was a lovely guy to talk to, comparing my voice to Peter Hammill from progband Van Der Graaf Generator. A great crowd and it was nice to chat to people after the show and sign albums. The friendly staff at the store were great - they gave us a bottle of wine each, some rather tasty sandwiches and much needed coffee.

Final stop: Velvet Music, Rotterdam

At our third and final show of the day in Rotterdam we were playing on the mezzanine level looking down across the rest of the shop. I guess we'd forgotten that it was an 'acoustic' line up and went for a full on 'rinse'. It was only afterwards that we found out that several of the lights below us had fused and fallen out of their fittings. The guys who ran the store loved it! 

Stephen and Manfred from Velvet Music Rotterdam (below). The less said about this picture the better! (He's an absolute legend by the way...)

Such a great day, and big thanks to our team - Rene, Eric and Sanne - for helping to make the day run smoothly and getting us to the stores on time. We had lots of fun.

Our hosts, Eric and René gave Ellie this little violin which had us all in stitches (we'd already drunk all the gin in the house!) Needless to say Stephen snapped most of the strings on it in a very short time.

... and, of course, here's the vinyl!

Here's a video that Sanne shot at Den Haag ...

Thanks to Rene, Eric, Wim Barzilay (, Dylan ( and Christel de Wolff  for the photos.

REVERE - Benelux Tour December 2013 - Tour diary...

Nick: We arrived in Utrecht in a fog so thick we could barely see the town. Kind of atmospheric, though. But the venue, Tivoli Spieglebar was great. We all expected good things - one of those legendary venues you hear about. But we were all still kind of starstruck when we saw who'd been playing there ahead of us. It's nice when you feel like you're following in the footsteps of heroes - it's one of my favourite things about touring.  

Ellie: This is at soundcheck and before I managed to slice the end of my finger ten minutes before showtime. Plasters and violin strings don't go together very well - I'll spare you the photo of my violin post gig! #rocknroll  #ouch

Stephen: The following day we headed to Rotterdam to record a live radio session for Ronald van Oudheusden's show 'Live uit Lloyd' on RTV. Ronald himself was a bit of a legend and it was great to let loose in a studio setting again. 

You can hear the whole 'Live uit Lloyd' session online here: 

Russ: After finishing up our session at RTV in Rotterdam, I took a sneak peek at the studio from behind the desk. Now, is that Stephen playing guitar on the TV screen, or is that Stephen in the other room? Twilight zone kind of moment...

Marc: Upon getting lost in the RTV radio station and ending up on the top floor, I noticed an open door to the roof. I took a moment to peek outside to find an amazing view of Rotterdam. A sea of cranes and concrete juxtaposed by a cloud-streaked sky.

Ellie: Onstage at Tilburg that evening... (photos © William van der Voort)

Seb: This is the merch stand going NUTS after our show the following night in Tilburg. After every show we chatted with all the people who had come to see us. It was great to hear where people had heard about Revere and what they thought of the shows.

Stephen: The wonderful Botanique in Belgium was our next stop.The venue lies in a huge glass-roofed building surrounded by resplendent gardens. We were playing in the basement room which was a maze of brick pillars. A very unique space to play...

Marc: This is why you don't give Ryan, our live visuals guy, any hassle during sound-check...

Kath: I arrived on Friday for Brussels gig after starting the day at work in Scotland, feeling like a superhero with an alter ego.   It was just perfect to turn up thinking I know no one in Brussels and cannot imagine who would have heard of the band, then realise there were at least two people we knew from our last tour and a heap of lovely new people we got to meet.

Stephen: The best part about this tour for us was meeting some of the most wonderful people who have been working really hard to spread the word about Revere with everyone. Whether it was Eric and René (happy anniversary!), Joep, Jelle, Freddie and Sam, or Jasper and Alex from the Crying Boys Café or Florian, Matthijs and Peter from Popup 010 and of course, Bas from V2 Benelux

Ellie: Time off in the beautiful Ghent meant we could take a boat trip and see some of the city. Stephen nearly brained himself standing up as we passed a very low bridge...

Nick: My Croque Hawaii really reminded me of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it...

Stephen: The final show in Ghent was part of Glimps festival. I think we were the only UK band on the lineup. The smallest stage of the tour but the venue was absolutely rammed and a brilliant way to end the tour with our voices just about intact! Chris (our manager) and Lacey (our tour manager) shared a well deserved pint afterwards having steered us through yet another successful stint around Europe...

To see more photos from our Benelux tour go to Revere's facebook page.

We launch My Mirror / Your Target in Benelux with five gigs in two days... (more gigs to come!)

In a few weeks time we will be heading back out to mainland Europe to play more shows in the Netherlands and Belgium for the first time. After our last trip, we can't wait to come over there again. This is what happened the last time...

Russ: After a night on the road, and a pit stop in a hostel, we got straight down to business. This is Ellie, Kath and Nick prepping for the acoustic performance we did alongside Rotterdam's historic docks. I think we were all in awe of the location - it was perfect and fitted straight in with the theming of our music. We'll post you a video when it goes live...

Kath: I arrived in Rotterdam separately from the rest of the band on my birthday and opened my pedal board to a wonderful surprise - a brand new Pog!  It was a great day all round - three gigs and two free bottles of prosecco...

Ryan: If I'm not doing visuals then I'm normally filming something. Before our gig at Rotown the band did an acoustic in-store squeezed into the great Velvet Records. Stripping back for an acoustic set means the visuals aren't really required, so I filmed the whole set instead. It was really special to hear These Halcyon Days like this, it doesn't get played as an acoustic song very often but it really works stripped right back.

Stephen: The instore at Velvet Records was an important moment for us, as it was also the first time we got to meet a guy called Eric Walbeek. Eric wrote a review of our first album, Hey! Selim about three years ago which triggered a chain of events which led to us being signed by V2 Benelux. It was great to finally meet him in person, especially in his own country! (Thanks Eric!)

Ryan: There's something about being on tour, and confined spaces with the same people, that makes simple things very funny. Backstage at Rotown had been graffitied with ham puns, for reasons I was never totally sure on, and I collected some of my favourites in this 6 second Vine. The band added a few of their own just before they went on, 'Hammstein' being particularly special...


Marc: After a heavy night and little sleep we drove to Amsterdam, heading straight to Studio Le Roy. There wasn't much time before filming began so I necked three coffees in as many minutes and got to it. It was a great session with a very friendly and professional crew and I hope I see that studio again some day.

Seb: This is Marc setting up his drums at 3FM Radio, just outside Amsterdam. It was about half past midnight and we weren't due to perform until 3am. At this point we had no idea the live session was going to be broadcast on TV as well as radio - we only found out afterwards! We were all very tired but I think we did a good job, including a very one-off version of 'What Am I If I'm Not Even Dust' - in a different key to normal, with a very husky voiced Stephen. It was a great experience.

Ellie: Our first glimpse of our new album was in Rotterdam when Bas from V2 handed us a copy. It was a big relief as Stephen and I had put all the artwork together ourselves and thankfully it all looked rather lovely (phew!) This was the merch table at our gig at Rotown where we hung out after the show chatting with everyone in the crowd. The staff at Rotown were also lovely and gave Kath two bottles of fizz for her birthday, which I think between us we polished off rather quickly.

Nick: After the set at Paradiso, we absolutely in no way drank all of our rider and sang Lionel Richie and Beatles songs until Stephen lost his voice and I possibly lost a shoe...or something...

And finally a word from our lovely tour manager...

Lacey: You know you failed at your tour manager duties, to keep the band's trouble maker in a relatively coherent state of mind for the tour, when you try to wake him up and he is in bed fully clothed with his last cigarette still tucked into his hat. (Personally speaking, Lacey, we'd all say that was a definite success that he was even in the right bed, in the right room and in the right hostel - Revere)

Revere, live on the Dermot O’ Leary show, BBC Radio 2

 BBC Studios, 20/07/2013

What a Gent Mr O’ Leary is – we knew he would be. That’s why Ellie had to bake the man some cakes, and girl, those were some damn fine cakery skills, especially considering the fact that they were made at 1am the night before the show! 

It was quite easy to feel at home in the Studio with Dermot. He wasted no time in introducing himself to each of us as the first tracks rolled by, and it was obvious he’d done his homework. It was like we’d met before.

After commenting on Marc’s ‘wingspan’ and how the name Seb Pidgeon could only be the name of a decent chap – how right he is – the band got down to business.

First up, Stephen, Kath, Ellie and Nick played a stripped down version of our latest single, ‘I Won’t Blame You’, before a bit more banter with Dermot – including a mention of the now infamous ‘Cup Gate’ scandal – and an acoustic cover of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

Dermot seemed to approve of the music, as did the production team – heads were bouncing and feet were a tapping.

All in all, we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed every minute hanging out with Dermot and his crew and can’t wait to go back and do it all over again.

Check out the full interview here

Revere at Glastonbury Festival 2013

Revere does Glasto

Aside from the forthcoming marriage of two of our very dearest– not Stephen and Seb, might I add – we’ve been looking forward to playing Glastonbury Festival more than anything else in the 2013 Revere calendar.

A big old convoy drive to Worthy Farm was the first port of call, then, of course, it was time to forge the Revere camp. The tents went up and the sounds of the festival loomed in the air; let’s be honest, we were more than a little excited. Add that to the fact that we were included on page two of the Glastonbury Festival programme, and, well, we were pretty darn happy.

Pitched behind the Williams Green Stage – where we were to play on Saturday – we were lucky enough to catch Django Django and Alt-J as they performed respective sets as part of the opening of the stage for the weekend - nothing quite like a private show.

After an all-nighter and a few hours’ kip in the tent we were ready for a day of music. Marc ran off to catch Teleman – heard good things – and the rest of us went our own way in search of some inspiration for our set. Varying highlights were Dinosaur Junior, Seasick Steve and Portishead on Friday – Russ met Seasick and was so excited he couldn’t resist getting his disco on to Chic afterwards.

Fast forward to Saturday, the weather was great and everyone was happy – anticipation was palpable in the Revere camp. A trip to grab the equipment had us catching up with the boys from Treetop Flyers, and having a few laughs with the fantastic stage crew from the Williams Green Stage. Things flowed fluidly as Lacey – our new Tour Manager – kicked in to Tour Manager-mode, and before we knew it we were loading on to the stage.

4:30 came about, the Williams Green tent began to fill up and the atmosphere started to build; the perfect recipe for Revere at its best! We fired straight into three consecutive tracks from our forthcoming new album, ‘My Mirror/Your Target’ then into the always-crowd pleasing ‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Depeche Mode – by that point we were in full flow. Stephen mounted the stage rig and got involved with the fans, while the rest of us got down to some proper rocking out. The rest of the set flew by; people kept piling-in and things got more and more unruly, culminating in one broken bass guitar, courtesy of a rock-throw at the end of ‘Maybe We Should Step Outside.’

After playing Glasto, neither the Stones nor an abundance of alcohol could top the feeling we had just experienced on that stage. Nevertheless, we gave it a ruddy good go! A healthy dose (or unhealthy, depending on your perspective) of Jagger-esque dancing ensued, and lots of fun was had.

Cue the hangover.

For most of us, Sunday was the day for catching bands; put it this way, Ellie was a one-woman machine, as she travailed the festival’s far and wide to get a fix of the Smashing Pumpkins and her beloved Nick Cave who, in her words, is the ‘dark lord of cool.’ Apparently, Warren Ellis was slinging his bow over his head after every song during the set. Now Ellie, no ideas! Let the fools among us break the equipment.

All in all, playing this legendary festival was nothing short of an experience, and to be a part of such a great line-up was an honour for all of us. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along, to those who helped us out, and for everyone who made it possible.

Here’s to next year!