Website of London Indie Rock band REVERE

The fondest farewell...

It is with a heavy heart that we announce our decision for REVERE to call it a day. After more than 15 years together, and as many lineup changes, we feel the time has come for us to focus on other musical projects.

We feel immensely proud of what we've achieved in more than 15 years together as a band, leaving behind two albums, a handful of EPs and a large collection of singles. This has also been done without any major support from a record label (although we must give shoutouts to Albino, Gift Of The Gab and V2). We were often asked why we were still together and the truth was that we just enjoyed writing and playing music together. We felt that what we were doing was a little bit different and exciting and enough of you agreed with us to keep us going. Thank you for that! Your support has meant everything to us!

We have been incredibly grateful for the support of people in the media, from Tom Robinson, Chris Hawkins and Steve Lamacq, as well as a handful of writers and bloggers who were always impressed enough to give us the time of day.

Behind the scenes, we especially want to thank Dave Jewerén Moore whose brilliant production skills and endless patience helped mould us into the band we eventually became. Also Ryan Pearce, whose visuals and music videos added further layers of meaning and excitement to our live shows. It is fitting that our last video, for Sonder, was also made by Ryan and is a video we are especially proud of.

We also want to give a personal thank you to everyone who has stepped into (and out of) the Revere lineup and all the various musicians and collaborators we've had the pleasure of playing with. At last count there have been well over 50 different people who can lay claim to having played in Revere at one point. Notably we want to thank Andrew Hawke and Jonathan Fletcher who were responsible for some of our best songs to date, and alsoAndrew Duffy (Happy birthday Duffy!) and James Edward Barker who were the first people to really drive the band forward both in music and ambition.

We've also collaborated with some wonderful artists, photographers and video directors in achieving our beautiful album covers so thank you, Mario, Anthony, Kat, Saul, Alex, Nick, Vanessa, Rory, Ben and Fiona amongst many others...

As well as this we want to say a massive thank you to everyone else who has ever stepped into our circle to offer up their help and expertise (Jason, Sam, Ben, Chris, Jake, Charlie). We've had the support of some wonderful people who devoted time and effort in trying to carry our ship over the mountain and we've appreciated it all immeasurably.

Finally we want to say a massive thank you to you, who have supported us through all these years. As fans of Revere you got us on the radio, you got us over to Europe and you even got us signed! Everything we've done has been with you in mind and you have kept us afloat with your boundless enthusiasm for new music. We've made some wonderful friends along the way and we count you all among them.

So here it is, our last ever video for our last song. Enjoy everyone...

See you again!