Website of London Indie Rock band REVERE


We asked a swathe of artists working in different genres to remix, cover, and otherwise rework tracks from our 2 albums, My Mirror / Your Target, and Hey! Selim. These include members of Bastille, Metronomy, Florence + The Machine, Bat for Lashes, Biffy Clyro and Stick In The Wheel.

We were blown away by the results, and the fresh perspectives that these alternate versions give into songs that we know so well.

All 5 Reworked EPs are available for free download from our store.

Reworked #1 - feat. Aesoteric,, worldengine, neotropic

Reworked #2 - feat mild eyes, metamorphic, ean, aesoteric

Reworked #3 - feat adding machine, lunamoth, feedle, the silent committee

Reworked #4 - feat ben wisemen, the unrecorded, claudia molitor, RAi

Reworked #5 - feat ochre, cajita, russell M Harmon, aesoteric